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Sustainable Landscape Design

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What is it?

Sustainability in the garden…

Choices made in your garden can make a difference to our environment. With a little thought you can make a positive change.


through utilising water sensitive urban design techniques we can give our plants access to more ground water and reduce the irrigation they require, keeping our bills lower and diverting waste water from our lakes and bays.


know where your materials come from and make the smart choice. The choices you make may be destroying old growth rain forest in Asia (like Merbau) or striping rivers in China of natural rocks (bagged river pebbles available at big brand hardware stores). Can your selected material be recycled or will it be landfill at the end of its life?

Material choices are one of the most important choices and can have an impact on a global scale.  Consider alternative like Australian Hardwood instead of Merbau, or crushed recycled concrete instead of pebbles for a driveway. If you need advice Naturally Landscapes is happy to assist.

Soil & Vegetation,

Healthy soils are the foundation of a happy garden. Understanding your soil type and selecting plants that are suited to it will make your plants more likely to flourish. Keeping soils well mulched will reduce the loss of your valuable top soil and help improve the soil as the mulch breaks downs, building betters soils over time.